Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things that upset me today

  • The rolling drug store that is the Tour-de-Farce ahem I meant France
  • Barrack Obama wanting to pull a JFK by speaking at the Brandenburg Gate, the cost, the meaning...makes me want to scream. I can imagine better ways for spending tax payers money than welcoming a potential future president. The cost of the security measures and the restrictions for the residents and visitors are insane.
  • The G-8 nations begging for more oil because of the rising cost energy cost
  • The Simple Life being re-enacted with two annoying and intellectually even more challenged German D-list celebs. They make Paris and Nicole look really smart.
  • People that need to be reminded of their duties hourly. Simple emails won't suffice. You need to call, IM or email all at once to get a reply in the first place. Huff

As you can tell I am not in a great mood today. All these things have been bothering me. How was your day?


Sully Sullivan said...

-Tour de France is a hat no one has time to laugh at

-Obama Yo Mamma hasn't won the presidency quite yet. You'd be surprised at how many "democrats" are closet racists. Not that whoever wins the presidency really matters in the first place.

-they should be begging for alternative fuel sources that are more environmentally friendly, I sick of this volatile weather

-what are the German D-listers' names?

-I may be one of these people simply because I don't care about my job...sorry

Lindz said...

All of the others are completely valid (and may I also say political) but COME ON the Simple Life? Why? Why? Why? You must post a youtube of that crap when it airs. Even I didn't watch the Simple Life... more than once.

me & them said...

Well, mine's only just begun :)

Having said that, it's too cold to even contemplate another Simple Life. Just...ugh!

Still, ditto Lindz...I want the link when it's on :)

I hope things have improved...just think, you can always watch a nice bit of drug enhanced bike riding when you get home :P

Anonymous said...

I hope you day got better. I'm doing OK. Dad's getting better but its a slow process...very trying. How have you been? I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger friend...life has been crazy :)

Huckdoll said...

The Simple Life is so bad as is though!! Ugh...that would be torture to watch.

Hope things look up on Wednesday.

Kat said...

Sully Sullivan ROFL. You're my kind of man. The German D-listers are Gülcan who is annoying as hell and her stupid counterpart Colleen. I think both worked for VIVA which is a music television channel like MTV only for teenies

Lindz It is not that I watched the Simple Life more than once nor did I watch last nights crap ;). I happened to zap across it and it was like an accident. Horrible but I just couldn't look away.

Me&Them Oh things greatly improved. I went to bed and slept like a baby minus the weeping LOL.

Patty So glad your Dad is recovering. Your family is in my thoughts a lot. Don't forget to take good care of yourself now as well ok?

Huckdoll Hehe.Totally agree on the torture thing. I think the Geneva convention should totally apply on that.

manager mom said...

It's been OK so far, but it's still 6:15 am, so it's probably all downhill from here.

Melisa said...

I'm just getting started...slept terribly though so the first part of the day is totally due to suck.

But the George Michael concert is tonight so it goes UPhill from here!

Melissa said...

Sorry your having a rotten day...hopefully tomorrow will be better...either that or you'll bring your gun to work ;)

My boys are Army Brats said...

OH dear! The Simple Life has spin offs? You can't redo something like that. Genuine stupidity is not easily imitated. Nor should it be. I must confess I laughed my ass off at the first season of The Simple Life but then it all went downhill.

cube said...

I've been busy, but I did want to come by & get your take on Obammy's next attempt to be-just-like-JFK.

Ich bin ein Berliner? Nein!

Ich bin ein geisteskrankes Asyl!

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Yeah the Obama thing cracks me up. If he had been President at the time there would have been no Berlin Airlift. He would have had "negotiations". :(

So is the daft Gülcan and stupid Colleen pretty-yet-dim enough to think that petrol and volatile weather are somehow related? ;)

Danielle A. said...

I hope that things have gotten better for you since the 8th. :) That list is definitely a testament to the annoyances of the world... I hear ya.