Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Snooze control to Major Tom - Eejit of the Week

My lovely “evil” twin sis Melisa from Suburban Scrawl thought this story would be a contender for the “Eejit of the Week” award and boy was she right. Thank you Melisa.

Life as a pilot must be hard. I mean seriously hard. All that flying through different time zones, the jetlag and all that hard partying with dozens of cute flight attendants…Yes that can really take you out. So much so that you gotta snooze on the job.

Too bad that your job involves flying an enormous chunk of metal worth several millions and a few hundred people whose lives depend on you.
I am just saying because apparently the guys from an Air India flight en route to Mumbai felt it was ok to take a nap thereby overshooting their destination by several miles before being woken up by Air Traffic Control.


I have never been afraid of flying but heck I sure am not looking forward to our flight to Thailand in September now. I don’t want to wake up in Laos or Cambodia or Vietnam. Not that these countries wouldn’t be perfectly great destinations it is just that we really had set our minds on going to Thailand!

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House of Jules said...

I'm going to think of "Snooze control to Major Tom" tomorrow when I hit the snooze bar 5 zillion times. :)
House of Jules

Paper Propaganda said...

haha, that doesn't make me worry about flying at all!

Taj said...

Last week a woman verbally attacked a stewardess with racial slurs then punched her all because she wanted a smoke. Combine these two stories with the hundred others and flying these days is such fun!

Is eejit a contagious disease or something?

Kat said...

Jules - Seriously I had that song in my head ever since I wrote that title yesterday. Uugh

Paper Propaganda - My point exactly.

Taj - Airport brain. Totally common in people. The minute they get into an airport or aircraft their brain stops working and they behave like eejits.

An eejit is NOT a contagious disease. Tho on second thought...LOL It is another form of the word IDIOT and commonly used in Ireland to describe one ;)

cube said...

I was always a nervous flyer, but after 9/11, I became a terrified flyer. Actually, it's not the flying that scares me, but the idea of crashing.

This type of story only worsens my anxiety. I'd like to take these pilots & flog them till they drop.

Melissa said...

Well that makes me want to jump a plane to Cancun...or wherever they decide to stop the plane. Cripes, that's just scary!

OLED TV said...

After 9/11 i am so terrified . I am prett sure soom we will be again attacked by terrorists.