Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tweak my nipples and call me Sally

So who else is melting away in this hot and humid weather? I feel so sorry for neglecting my blog but as I said in my previous post, it is just too hot. We're living right under the roof and the sun is beating down mercilessly from the moment it comes out til it goes down. Airconditioning in private rooms isn't big yet in Germany but I am sure sales have risen over the past couple of years as the climate is (no doubt) changing.

We bought an AC for the bedroom last year, which makes going to sleep possible and without which I would be a wreck.

Anyway the other day we were watching some lifestyle show on television, the same one that aired a report on a brothel/spa for men at five in the afternoon and that I posted about here.

This time they had an entire report on how it is fashionable to have your nipples show under your t-shirt. Apart from me finding it very irritating to run around with nipples so hard you could poke someone's eye out the whole concept is so old it grows a freaking beard.

Didn't Jennifer Lopez have a nipple tweaker to "prepare" her for a video shoot? And wasn't Jennifer Aniston supposedly wearing a pair of plastic nipples while filming Friends? I have no idea if she did or not but during the last few seasons of the series her nipples were always errect and I am almost certain it was not from the mere joy of acting.

Well my point -and I do have one so bear with me- five minutes into the report they interview a girl that is famous for nothing really. She's never accomplished anything. You couldn't even call her an It-Girl. All she's famous for is for walking around in see through tops. So she comes on after parading around in a dress that leaves nothing to the imagination and she's introduced as "Davorka Tavilo- Nipple Expert". Ahem WTF?

The hubby and I look at each other quizzically and we totally break into loud laughter. We had no idea there were nipple experts and who considers themselves a to be a nipple expert? Do we all qualify because we have a set of nipples? Or do only people with a third or even four nipples qualify?

The only ones that ought to call themselves nipple experts are these tiny humans that need to latch on in search of food! ;) We really ought to stop watching that show at five in the afternoon but then again I wish they would just stop airing that crap.


Melissa said...

And here I am over here with all new bras that hide my nipples...I am so behind the times....;)

Kat said...

Melissa Haha yeah so am I that is why I hired a my personal nipple tweaker. It was just too much work for the hubby and those darn things just didn't want to perk up all the time. ROFL

Mags said...

I think I know of a few men who *think* they are nipple experts...

I beg to differ, however ;)

Melisa said...

That was hilarious. I loved how, in the video on Davorka's website the narrator said that she is "dreisig Jahre JUNG". I don't know why that cracked me up (maybe because, though Hollywood's age standards for women have increased, they would never blatantly trumpet a 30-year-old as YOUNG.) I'm definitely going to start telling people that I'm "Neun und dreisig Jahre JUNG".

And somebody needs to tell Davorka that she speaks too quickly for an American woman (Neun und dreisig Jahre JUNG) who is trying feverishly to translate. :)

On that other issue: you are totally right about Jennifer and her---ahem---headlights on the last few seasons. Yikes! You could poke an eye out with those!

And I'm with Melissa: I'm also apparently behind the times, bra-wise! :)

House of Jules said...

What exactly is the application process for a nipple expert? Studying the history and writing papers, no doubt.
House of Jules

Breast Pasties said...

I don't think that it's fashionably okay to see those nipples poking out on one's outfit. That's why there are nipple covers to conceal them. I consider it rather as a fashion blunder.

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