Thursday, August 21, 2008


  • Finding it hard to concentrate even though it isn't nearly as hot as yesterday. Signs I am ready for a break? Increasing at alarming rate. #
  • I hate it when people unload work they could easily do themselves. Delegate my ass! #
  • am wondering if time passes quicker if I don't wear a watch at all. #
  • Why do I suddenly hate being on the phone? When did that happen and how? #
  • Am having a bad hairday. Curly Sue has nothing on me. #
  • Wondering what I should make for dinner. Suggestions anyone? #
  • Am totally having kittens over that whole dinner thing. I've got minced meat and am looking for something thats not Bolognese, Lasagna etc. #
  • I need a coffee. Pronto. Or I will die. #
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