Monday, August 4, 2008

Weird Dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night after reading Jen Lancaster's Bright Lights, Big Ass. It involved the hubby, me and a couple of friends without faces (do you have the same happening you know that these people are your friends yet you can't see their faces in your dream?) on summer vacation on Ibiza.

Anyway in this dream I went to the beach which you could only get to through a tunnel and it wasn't a nice beach. All rocks and nowhere to sit down but worst of all it was freezing cold. So cold even that the water was frozen in shapes of waves rolling in. I got really mad at the hubby and went back yelling at him on why we had to come here when it was freezing. He told me to calm down and go back to the beach, which I did and this time it was hot only when I got out of the tunnel the water was gone so I held on to some handrail because I knew a Tsunami was about to hit us. Ahem yeah, well I survived and woke up shortly after that stupid dream

I know exactly how I came to dream something so odd. Last night I was bugging the hubby to tell me whether the beach we're about to go to in Thailand had white or golden sand beaches. He wouldn't tell me, mainly because he coudln't remember anymore. Later I red Jen Lancaster's book and wondered what model she meant with this
"As a principle of chaos theory, the butterfly effect can be demonstrated by how
the change in air currents generated by a single butterfly flapping its wings in
an Amazonian rain forest can create an Indonesian tsunami, the likes of which
will leave world-renown supermodels clinging to palm trees."
Had to search the internet the moment I had access to a computer and found out it referred to Petra Nemcova. I remember reading about it shortly after it happened as I read everything about it after one of my former colleagues died in that tsunami. Damn flight benefits.


Melisa said...

It's always a good thing (I think) when you have some sort of dream and can put together why it came to be!

Anonymous said...

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