Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeah it was gross

Unlike other offices I worked in we’re very lucky to have someone who cleans our fridge on a bi-weekly basis. For an office fridge it is remarkably clean and tidy. No open or beyond their expiry date yogurts or curdled milk nor month old breakfast or a foul stench to be found.

Unfortunately a few years back, before I even considered moving back to Germany, a valued colleague put an opened Tetra Pack™ of Milk into one of these mini-refrigerators for camping.

That in itself isn’t outrageous. What is though is forgetting that the open pack of milk is in there, pulling the plug on the mini-fridge and letting it sit there a good few years before an unsuspecting colleague opens the airtight door.

The stench made everyone in the near vicinity nearly vomit. We had to open all the windows (also the once of the neighboring offices) and vacate the premises it was that horrible. I am easily grossed out but the mold and stench in that fridge would have made a grown man cry. My arms are showing goose bumps just remembering it.

Have you got a fridge in your workplace and who cleans it? Is it tidy or disgusting?


Brian o vretanos said...

I think every office I've worked in has had some kind of communal fridge, but I've never used them, so I don't know about the grossness or otherwise.

Most offices I've worked in have also had some kind of communal "milk" or "coffee" club, where people put in money and share milk and coffee stuff. I've always opted out and relied on Coke for my caffeine fix. There are always arguments about who brings the milk, or doesn't, or whether someone working late on a Friday should have bought a fresh pint, etc, etc. I can do without all that.

Melissa said...

Blick! I would have had to work from home for about a week. Ick!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Ours is iffy. It only gets cleaned out when people get sick of all of the stuff. It amazes me what people will eat though!

Melisa said...

Funny timing on your smelly food post; see my Twitter updates!

At the salon, everyone is supposed to label and date EVERYTHING that goes into the frig, but because I work with a bunch of dumba$$ girls, of course it doesn't get done. We've had some nasty discoveries, but luckily not often.

Mags said...

This makes me want to vomit just reading this! I have an over sensitive nose anyway so this would have sent me over the edge.