Monday, October 6, 2008

Oktoberfest rules

It is time to bring back the weird news.

This poor guy paid a cab driver a fare of GBP 1700 ($3015) plus GBP 250 ($440) for the Channel tunnel and a hotel over night stay to be driven 740 miles from Portsmouth (England) to Munich’s Oktoberfest (Germany). The dude had missed his flight to his friend’s stag night. The cabbie thought the guy was taking the piss or that the other cabbies were playing a prank on him but the poor guy was dead serious. So off they went on a 17 hour trip.

I really don’t envy the cabbie for having to drive all the way back after dropping Mr. Missedmyflight at the Oktoberfest. C R A Z Y but I guess that’s what a friendship was worth to this man. $3500 and a 17 our roadtrip to take part in the world’s biggest beer fest/stag night/bender.


Melisa said...

What an adventure for the cab driver! (and he got to enjoy Oktoberfest too!)

I wonder how much a cab would run from Chicago to Munich? LOL

Mags said...

Yowzers! That's one heck of a cab fare. But I guess it's a good thing that he could drink away his sorrows once he arrived-although...maybe he didn't have enough money??

Brian o vretanos said...

That's a brilliant story, and an expensive pint ;-)

it's good to see that not everyone's suffering from the current economic woes...

Brian o vretanos said...

Come to think of it, you were complaining about the beer the other day. Maybe you should take a cab ride here? If you do, I'll buy your first pint ;-)

k a t i e said...

I'd be stoked to know a mate would go to those lengths to attend a stags/hens night... overlooking the fact he could have drank the whole way and was probably slaughtered when he got there!

It's hard enough getting a taxi from the city to anywhere where else, let alone another country!

Kat said...

Melisa Yeah a cab ride from Chicago to Munich would probably be possible in the five to six digit frame plus the boat trip, plus the hotel stays...whoa.

Mags Haha, valid point. He was either loaded and didn't care (my guess) or held out by friends once he got there. With the "Maß" beer (about two pints) costing $11 he better had some money left :)

Brian Totally agree. As much as I appreciate your offer but I think I couldn't afford a cab ride to the UK just about now. Well it depends...are you living anywhere near Dover?

Katie So true. I can't even get a cab after a night out let alone someone to drive me across half of Europe.