Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Reason I can't blog right now

The hubby is busy checking fares for our next trip to Thailand. Oh how badly I want to go back. Especially now in this dreadful November weather. Sent from my cell.


Melissa said...

So hating you just a little bit. :) Would you laugh if I told you I was looking for flights to Cancun this afternoon?

Hubby is a cutie! :)

Paper Propaganda said...

I agree with Melissa, your hubby IS a cutie! can you check fares for 3? i'd like to go too!! can you smuggle a buddha outta the country for me!? please?!

Melisa said...

I LOVE this photo of H.

Tell H. he is adorable when he's concentrating. LOL

And I'm jealous too. Make it a trip for 5 and get'er done. :)