Monday, November 10, 2008

Six Secrets Meme

I was tagged for a meme in which you have to reveal six secrets about yourself.

1. I haven't showered alone in over a year unless on weekends away or on vacation. The cats insist on sitting in the bathroom with me while I shower.
2. Right now my legs aren't shaved and they haven't been in two weeks. I know!
3. I said I would stop watching the news or reading news papers because it upset me but I cheat.
4. Sometimes I fantasize about being Queen of the World and what I would change then.
5. I must smell a book before reading it. If the pages reek I won't finish reading it.
6. I am painfully shy around new people and I act like a total moron because I want them to like me.

I am not going to tag anyone but if you feel like revealing six things about yourself go ahead and please leave a comment. We all love reading other people’s secrets!


Paper Propaganda said...

I already posted today, but mine will be up tomorrow morning!! i love your six secrets!

Melisa said...

Cool secrets, Kat! I may grab this never know. But I think people might be getting tired of me talking about my little quirks, so the post will wait until it's least expected. :)

Brian o vretanos said...

I love the different smells of books, especially new ones. Maybe it's the ink - it probably gets you high ;-)

Melissa said...

Wow, I thought you a hubby had quite the showering together habit...I'm crushed! :)

Queen of the World...if only, huh?

Shaving is overrated...cats have fur, why can't we?

k a t i e said...

I was all set to post a comment about you being quite the minx re: number 1, but when I read the cat thing I laughed out loud! Cleo comes in and licks all the shower water from the bottom when I'm done. mm, tasty bubbles.

As for 6..I feel you on the one! I turn into Freaks R Us to impress people. Weird, no?

I'm stealing this, btw!

Mags said...

I might snag this later in the week too...

The funny thing is, *one* of these secrets is going to show up in my randomivity post on Wednesday-written before reading this, which is even more funny to me.:)

Kat said...

Paper Propaganda I can't wait.

Melisa We never get tired of hearing about it. It's only in your head. We want more!

Brian I suspect you're right. Been doing it for ages and just can't seem to stop.

Melissa Sorry to disappoint you on the shower thing but so with you on the fur :)

Katie Hehe Lilly does the same. Who wants to taste shower gel? Apparently it seems to be cat aphrodisiac. Can't wait for your little secrets ;o)

Mags Hehe, now I can't wait for Wednesday to come to find out what secret you're referring to.