Sunday, December 7, 2008


The 2nd advent and we lit the second candle today. Can you believe it is only another two weeks until Christmas? Time to write yet another 'year in retrospect' post. Hope you all had a splendid weekend.

*** Quick update *** If you're like Melisa, wondering what Advent his, you can read more about it here. Unlike Melisa I haven't got the patience for a long educating post about this. You should have read some of her "Jew stuff posts" as she calls them. One of my favorites being this Hanukkah post (also because I love this song by Adam Sandler). If you want to learn more about Jewish traditions head over to her blog. You won't regret it.


Tara R. said...

I remember lighting advent candles when I was young. I don't know why I didn't carry this tradition over into my own family. Beautiful!

Melisa said...

Okay, now *I* am the one in need of education on this. I'm gonna have to go and look up Advent. I know what an Advent calendar is (and that some of the best ones come from Deutschland! :) ), so I'm assuming it's a countdown to Christmas kind of thing...oh hell, I'm going to look it up.

Pretty picture! :)

Brian o vretanos said...

That is a great picture. Only two weeks! I suppose I'd better do my Christmas shopping soon.

k a t i e said...

I'm with Melisa on this one - I'm requesting a blog post - ala Melisa and her fabulous Jewish holiday education posts - on Advent.

Pretty please?

Melissa said...

Wow, y'all don't know what Advent is? Color me shocked...we light a candle every week at Church until's like a 4 week count down..

And only 2 weeks until Christmas...ack! I'm so not ready...

Melisa said...

Melissa: Well NOW I know what it is, and I'm happy to say that I guessed right when I assumed it was one candle for every Sunday before Christmas, thanks to my amazing "read within the context" skills and Kat's expert wording of her post. :) I'm Jewish, remember?

*At least I know what Christmas is! ROFL!

And BTW, Hanukkah begins on the evening of the 21st. :)

And Kat, thanks for the plug, Sis!

Melissa said...

LOL Melisa, it's so easy to assume that people know all about our own traditions, huh?

For some reason I kept thinking that Hanukkah began on the 12th...thankfully during my reading I found the correct dates.

Isn't Christmas Santa's birthday? ;) Oh yeah, I'm going to hell.