Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I Lost Interest in Lately

Things have turned a bit weird in Kat-land. Seems something shifted because I am no longer interested or shall I say as interested in certain things I deemed important just a little while ago.
  • reading/watching the news for most part of the week
  • reading women's magazines
  • reading gossip sites
  • reading forums and making fun of the same
  • renting out movies
  • drinking anything else besides water, coffee and milk that goes into said coffee
  • using Twitter, Facebook, texts and the likes
  • sending Holiday greetings

Heck, what is going on?

Each change may seem insignificant but all in all it's been noticeable. Like I have taken a step into a whole other direction. Maybe I am just at a stage in my life where other things are more important though I haven't quite figured out what that is supposed to be yet.

Now I wonder if any of you have noticed a change in their interests and what it was that changed for you?


Melisa with one S said...

I think what you said is true: you're at a stage in your life where these things just don't matter as much. In some ways (though I shudder to say it because I'm in denial about the whole thing), I think it's part of maturing: not letting go of that stuff *completely* but just not prioritizing it like you did before.

I think life is all about shifting interests, all the time: you just have to deal with it and whatever is going to take the place of these things is probably right in front of your nose.

Don't worry, I still love you Sis, even though you're not up to your neck in news and gossip. :)

Paper Propaganda said...

Well, I still facebook a ton, although, probably less even though I am still on there a lot during my day, but I do seem to be reading less gossip mags/sites, and more news! However, if you will notice, it's almost one in the same. Where you see Obama, you see a celebrity lately!

I lost your email addy! If you want to send me a message i can send you my address? It's razbelly{at}

Mags said...

I've lost interest in a lot of things too-but I think in my case it's because I'm unemployed and my mind has gone soft from sitting at home alone for weeks on end.

I never watch the news-ever since I lived in Florida years and years ago and the entire state seemed to be on fire-I just figured that if something really major happened, I'd find out by word of mouth. So far, it's been true.

Sadly, I am losing interest in blogging. I think, again, this has to do with the fact that I have nothing to talk about. There are only so many days I can write, "Still no job" and "I watched tv today". Oh well...maybe it'll change soon.

Melissa said...

I quit Facebook a few weeks ago thinking that I would really miss it and I'm surprised to say, "not so much"

I find myself not reading as much as I have lately. I guess in the end, it's just what our mind can handle at a specific point in time.

Kat said...

Melisa Very wise words. I guess life is all about shifting interests. Makes me feel much better.

Paper Propaganda Yes Obama seems to draw in the masses and the celebs. It is amazing.

Mags Keeping my fingers crossed that the unemployment phase will soon be over but please don't stop blogging that'd be horrible.
Can relate though- you kind of lose interest in blogging when you lack topics to blog about and every day is seemingly the same.

Melissa You quit entirely? Did you go cold turkey? Was it really not that hard? Not sure I am ready to quit entirely...but I guess you're right. Your mind can probably only take in so much at a time. First things first eh?

MarvelousMOM said...

I go through stages like that too. I just feel so overwhelmed with other things going on in my life. It always seems to go away at some point.

Kat said...

MarvelousMom It always helps to hear that one is not alone in feeling like this. Hope all is well with you?