Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let Your Shirt Do The Talking, Alright

The other day my "evil" twin sis Melisa (with one s) blogged about how you should let your shirt do the talking . I loved her son's t-shirt. One could even say I could relate to the slogan featured on it but that's another story.

So I replied to Melisa, that on this very day the hubby wore an equally funny t-shirt and promised to snap a photo of it. Now the hubby doesn't like to be photographed and tends to escape faster than Britney drops her undies.

Before I could whip out the camera he took off the shirt and hid it in the laundry. Being the eco friendly housewife that I am I didn't do laundry until last weekend and voila got a photo of the hubby's favorite shirt.

Behold the shirt in its entire magic. Enjoy the headless hubby (his request) and a photo of same with head (my request) moving like a maniac so I can't get a clear shot.


Melisa with one S said...


That is the most disgusting funny shirt I've ever seen in my life!!!

But I'm showing it to my kids after school.

Blech! :)

That last photo is hilarious. And yes, I do recognize that; reminds me I have to send you a photo of my own!!

Ick. I have to go wash my eyes now.

Kat said...

Melisa- You have to believe me it wasn't my intention to gross you out :) Can't wait to get your photo :)

Melissa said...

My hubby would love that shirt, too. His latest is a Mr. Happy shirt..makes me giggle everytime I see it!

MarvelousMOM said...

I love shirts like that!

terri said...

I love those funny/sarcastic shirts. I always see them and want to buy them for my boys and/or hubby but they refuse to wear them! Go figure!

Brian o vretanos said...
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Brian o vretanos said...

Brilliant, though must admit, I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it.

Kat said...

Melissa - Mr. Happy..that would make me giggle too.

Marvelous Mom - Me too. Even browsing for funny or offensive shirts online is fun :)

Terri - Wow what a well behaved family. Usually it's the guys who go all out for an offensive shirt...

Brian - Colin Firth wouldn't but you? I totally thought you would.