Friday, February 6, 2009

Story Of Stuff

This should be shown to any kid ever born. Hell it should be mandatory to watch for EVERYONE. Now!

After reading Not Buying It" by Judith Levine and reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser plus watching this video made me think.

I have stopped watching commercials all together. Never been a fan of shopping anyway but heck even I was a heavy consumer and felt unhappy if I didn't have what everybody had or at the thought of what I ought to have. Now I cut that out and feel much happier.

People in Europe already shop a lot but they're topped by Americans who shop 3-4 times as much as their counterparts in Europe.

I wish everybody would get the message. Though I bet that most people wouldn't even think taking 20 minutes to watch this was worth their time and I feel sorry for them.


Melisa with one S said...

This video is amazing. I got to 7:30 and have to stop for now because I have to go teach class and go to work, but I'll be watching the rest later!

I love how this is simplified so anyone can understand it.

P.S. I thought Youtube had a 10 minute limit for videos? Hmm.

I'll be back!

Brian o vretanos said...

It's very interesting, and makes some important points, and I'm glad you posted it - thankyou.

A lot of what she said doesn't ring true, though, especially the statistics and all that talk about "toxics", which just seems wrong.

On the other hand, what she had to say about the quest for constant economic growth, constant increases in consumption really struck a chord. Especially looking at the current "crunch", and the various governments' solutions - subsidising car manufacturers so they can make even more cars that no-one's buying, for example.

To really make things better you need people to be responsible for the global picture, and with hundreds of governments that's hard.

An example: How much of what we "recycle" actually gets recyled? And how much gets shipped to other parts of the world to be burnt or buried to get our landfill figures down and improve our governments' "green" credentials?

Jess said...

wow...this is so ridiculous. I'm with you, how can we get everyone in America to watch this? It's so sick! I've been learning about consumerism and the media's affect on it for years now in my makes me so frustrated.
Anyhoo, thanks for posting this video. I'll be sure to show it around too!