Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ways to Annoy My Husband - Part II

So yesterday I blogged about one thing I do that sets off my husband with deathly accuracy. It is when I rename things. What I did forget (cleverly left out) to tell you was that not only do I name things differently, I constantly rename them. So one can never be sure what I will call the very same object/person/pet in a week’s time.

Aaaanyway. The other thing I do is something I have inherited from my dad. I hate to admit it but it is something that majorly annoys me when he does it to me and more than once have my mom and I told him that he should get his act together. Yet I do it to my husband and I do so with great pleasure. Intentionally, doesn’t matter. It brings a smile to my face and increases the furrows on hubby’s forehead.

Example 1

The Mishear

We converse and the hubby throws in a sentence I don’t understand acoustically. Instead of asking him to repeat what he was saying I blurt out what I think he may have said, only it is so abstruse it doesn’t make sense.

Here is an example

Me: "It’s been a while since we have seen your parents."

Hubby: "True. We ought to think about going up there again."

Me: "What??? We ought to tinkle in a cup again? "

Him (with an annoyed glare in my direction): "Don’t do this! I SAID „We ought to THINK ABOUT GOING UP THERE AGAIN.“

Me: "Sorry" (while turning around so he doesn't see how I am chuckling to myself)

I do see how this may be funny every once in a while but all the time? It drives the hubby up the wall.

Then there’s the name thing in combination with mishearing things

Example 2

The telephone rings and it's for the hubby. I take a message and later relay it to my husband. Only I can't remember the name of the person that called or I can't think of the name right then and there. Instead of explaining I make him guess.

Me: "There was a call for you from (insert break here because I can't remember the caller's name) ..... you know, ehem.... Martin" (we don't know a Martin and the caller's name was Michael but both names start with M that's close enough for me)

Hubby: "Huh? Martin who?"

Me: "You know, Martin...the guy from down the street."

Hubby: (rolling eyes and all) "You mean Michael?"

Me: "Michael - Martin, what's the difference?" while preparing to escape in the opposite direction.

So you see what my other half is dealing with on a daily basis....


MarvelousMOM said...

That cracks me up!!! I wanna try it! Hehe

k a t i e said...

Also works well with (while on a phone conversation/relaying information about somewhere I went that day):

Him: And where was it/where are you now?

Me: Oh... on that know - the one where you turn left and there's a McDonalds?

Him: Uh...could you be a little more specific?

Me: The one with the big bend and you can do 80km/h after it before you see some traffic lights!

Him: I need to get you a GPS.

House of Jules said...

This TOTALLY cracked me up, Kat!!

Tara R. said...

I do that too. Hubs would get so aggravated at me for making him repeat himself, I just started answering what I thought he asked.

~Billie~ said...

I love this!! I do the whole "guess who I'm talking about" thing too. Annoys the heck out of Hubby.

Corey~living and loving said...

I love this series. can we call two posts a series? tee hee

terri said...

I love to annoy my husband by refusing to repeat anything I've said. He has developed a terrible habit of responding, "Huh?" to anything I say. So I simply remain silent until his brain processes the words. Drives him nuts. He'd prefer I just say it louder. Of course, I think you annoy your husband because it's fun. I annoy mine because it irritates him!