Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ways to Annoy My Husband - Part I

The hubby always complains because I can't call things by their name.

Lilly our cat is known as 'Lille', 'Killy', 'Silly', 'Mupfel', 'dicker Mupfel', 'micker Dupfel', 'Nooshy' and 'Kitzekatze'. Maunzerl, our other cat, should go by the name Sheila. Only - she doesn't but she's 'Maunzerl', 'Eli', 'Ele' etc.

When I hang up my laundry I do so on 'Ted'. That's what I christened our clotheshorse and I call my husband 'bunny'.

My 'adopted' brother Sergej is called 'Sörgi' and I don't call my mother mom, she's 'Mui' to me. Not even close to the word 'Mutter' in German.

My car is called 'Shnook', our neighbor is 'Pjotr' though his parent's named him Thomas and I am sure they'd like it to stay that way. The dishwasher is called 'Erna' and my other half thinks I need to see a shrink.

Am I the only loony to do this? And why does it annoy the hubby so much?

Tomorrow part II of things that annoy the hubby


MarvelousMOM said...

I call the kids all sorts of different names and my puppy. You aren't the only one.

k a t i e said...

Sahara is otherwise known as My Bush Piglet.

Phoenix: Boofus Headus.
Sarah: Seah Bear or Child (watch Scary Movie II and you'll understand).
My car: The D-fibrilator (it rattles a lot and has stripes on the side like a heart monitor).

...I go overboard with the naming of things. The list goes on - my Mac has a name, my bike, all my teddies etc - and all those 'normal' ones are out the window.

I have, however, noticed Cam getting a little twitchy when I pat his car and call her Valerie. I think perhaps it's a guy thing not to appreciate little nicknames?

KayFour said...

Perfectly normal, in my opinion... and this from a person who drives Big Blue (A chevy Blazer), pets Teak (Tiki) and Evie (Evelyn), blogs on Pinky (of course I am the Brain,) vacuums with R2D2... well you get the picture.

Good stuff here! I am going to book mark you so I can find you again.

Tara R. said...

I make up names for people, not so much 'things' but that could be fun.

Brian o vretanos said...

I don't think they'll get out the straightjacket just for that.

I don't give names to inanimate objects other than computers, which like to be called things. This one's "peregrine".

Melisa with one S said...

I'm similar to Tara. I have lots of nicknames for people and the dog, but not really items.

But I think it's super cute that you do that and have no idea why H. would be so annoyed about it. On the other hand, if that's one of the "worst" things that you do that annoys him, then that's pretty awesome! :)

(P.S. Hi Hubby!)

Jeninacide said...

LOL! I call my son (Coleton) Booga and my dog (Layla) Pooper. I don't know why I name my loved ones such dumb names!

I just call my husband "Husband".

You are way more creative!

Pocklock said...

You're not alone. I name all kinds of things! My computer is MacTheKnife. Our cars are Bea and Maurey. The cat's name is Sebastian, but we've called him Booger for so long that people have no idea his name is Sebastian.

Oh, I could do a post on this stuff alone!

terri said...

I have a habit of calling the pets and kids by names other than the ones they were given. Not so much any inanimate objects around the house, but it sounds like a fun idea. I may give it a try!