Wednesday, October 14, 2009

economic crisis

Overheard this morning on the radio. Proud politicans. Never have there been more students enrolled in Bavarian universities than this semester. Pah.

Sounds great if you don't read between the lines. It's because people can't get a job in this fucking economy, that they chose to kill time* in educational institutions.

*and by killing time I mean getting money from the state instead of working as they would have IF there were any jobs.



Brian o vretanos said...

The powers that be here instituted a massive increase in the percentage of people at university a decade or so ago - I think because they were trying to match the German figures ;-)

Of course, they wouldn't pay for this increase, so the students had to. They also had to make up new subjects for them to study (the number of scientists and mathematicians hasn't increased, and for some reason practical subjects like plumbing are not considered academic enough) which now means that the country is churning out huge numbers of Media Studies and Eygptology graduates who can't get good enough jobs to be able to pay off their massive debts. And plumbers are in such short supply that they earn more than most graduates.

But at least the politicians have got some impressive figures to boast about...

Tara R. said...

Now that I am among the unemployed in the US, I've seriously considered returning to college to improve my marketable skills. There are plenty of education grants for middle-aged women.

Melisa with one S said...

*sigh* is right!

Chris Wood said...

It's the same in England - fewer jobs, more courses.