Friday, October 2, 2009

twitter twats

Reading the news today I came across this gem: “Court order served over Twitter”. This should come as no surprise after reading that hospitals now twitter live from surgery. It’s amazing what twitter is being used for nowadays.

If I had time enough and would give a shit I am sure I could dig up tweets by someone bringing you live twitter updates on their bowel movements, one night-stands, Everest ascents or booger status. If it doesn’t exist yet, you just wait.

As much as I ♥ twitter-sometimes it’s more a curse than a blessing.


Katherine Taylor said...

OMG phones or any devices should not be used by hospital staff when they are on duty

Brian o vretanos said...

The next logical step is online twitter courts. This would mean an end to judges in silly wigs and Perry Mason style orations, but on the other hand sentences could be more inventive. For the most heinous crimes, the defendent would be forced to read all bowel-related tweets.

Mags said...

That is why I resisted twitter for so one needs to know when I am peeing. But some tweets are amusing. :)

I do think it's pretty cool that they are tweeting while doing a surgery. The families of the patients can know what's up...though if things go bad-that wouldn't be nice to read.

terri said...

Funny how Twitter has become all the rage. I simply had no use for it. I deleted my account.

Grace Matthews said...

Really? I thought you would like to know when I take a shit, what color it is and the shape of it. I I took a turd the other day that looked like Michael Jackson. I wanted to keep it and sell it on
e-bay, but my husband said it was the wrong color. LOL. Okay maybe that was a bad joke. LOL