Friday, November 6, 2009

an interesting point of view

Being overweight myself I have been following the ongoing debate about anorexic models with interest. The German woman’s magazine “Brigitte” even decided to abstain from using anorexic looking models and from photoshopping normal sized models into rail thin beanstalks, in the hope of preventing young girls from falling prey to today's admittedly off beauty ideals.

Ironically “Brigitte” is the inventor of the famous Brigitte Diet that at least 70% of Germany’s female population has tried.

German Designer Anja Gockel has her own theory as to why a lot of designers want extremely thin models. The reason lies in the designer’s homosexuality. Say what?

She claims that designers judge others by their own standards. Meaning that a homosexual man prefers a boyish silhouette while lesbians go for an androgynous figure. Thus the rail thin models.

Go figure.

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Melisa with one S said...

Um, yeah. INTERESTING is the right word, that's for sure!