Wednesday, August 25, 2010

go nanie, it's your birthday - we gonna party like...

Mr. Kat turned 33 today. Happy Birthday to the best husband anyone could hope for. A husband who happens to also be my best friend and soul mate. I love you Nanie, with all my heart too.

Even though I will forever be 11 months older than the hubby, it gives me enormous satisfaction that for the next 31 days he will be the same age as I. See, the hubby loves to poke fun at me and my “old age” and when we are talking about growing old together he cannot resist but saying how I am “old” already. Haha…the joke’s on you now honey. Ok, ok we’re really only 11 months apart but one takes every little chance to make life as fun as it gets.

The reason I share this on my blog? The hubby hates his birthday. Doesn’t hate it as much as he HATES it, with a capital H. And because he’s away on business this week, I wanted to let him know that he rocks and that I am happy that 33 years ago on this day, he came into this world - on the other side of the iron curtain. Had anyone told him that he would meet his East German wife, in Ireland no less, he would’ve flipped him (or her) the bird. But I guess life has plenty of surprises in store for all of us and I cannot express just how blessed I feel that this fate, of one day meeting this West German boy on an Island with more sheep than human beings on it, was bestowed upon me.

I truly want to grow old with you – literally.

Happy Birthday


SoccerMom said...

Too funny, only a year? That doesnt really make you "OLD".

I am 5 years older than my sportsman, and he reminds me every day of how old I am.

Happy Birthday to your man!

Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest post ever!

Happy Birthday Mr. Kat!

Brian o vretanos said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Kat!

Of course, the real celebration should be in 4 months when he'll be a third of the way to 100 ;-)

Melisa with one S said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
I hope when you get home you have a weekend full of video games, and maybe some Black Forest Cherry cake! :)


Love, Melisa and family!

Mr. Kat said...

Thank you all..

@ Brian: No, the real party will start in 6 Months and 1 Day. After that i have reached 50%+1 Day before retirement :)