Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farewell to Picnik

The end of all the fun.

It’s no secret, I love photography and I could drool over cameras like a guy would drool over power tools, cars or computers. Mostly I take pictures of daily things, like on my way to work or the way my office is set up or food or people. I have no idea why that is but I get a kick out of looking through these shots years later and remember how things were back then. Every once in a while a photo needs some work to bring out its full potential. Now I have an old version of Photoshop, that I never use to edit my pictures, mainly because it’s “too” much for a complete layman like me and all the features I need, I can get for free from paint.net.

If it’s just a bit of fun editing I am after, I prefer to use Picnik.

Picnik is awesome and in a way it can be considered one of the pioneers in easy photo editing. It has all the fun features that we now take for granted in our photo editing Apps on the iPhone or Android or whatever smartphone you’re using and it gives great results instantly. Well that era will now come to an end as Picnik is moving its photo editing tools to Google+ in April. Until then they give you the Premium features for free – as a parting gift.

I’m not too fond of Google+. Mainly because there is not a whole lot going on over there (which is an entirely separate post) but now they have Picnik, minus some awesome features. The photo editing tool is now to be found under Creative Kit but I am less than impressed. Picnik, sorry Creative Kit on Google+ has some of Picnik’s features but it lacks features and it is certainly not fun and easy to use – I would even go as far as calling the user experience painful.

There may come a time where using this becomes easier – or I get used to the new look and feel but I guess I will just have to look for another online image editor like Splashup,  Pixenate or… neither of which is as easy and fun to use as Picnik.

What photo editors are you using?

So long Picnik (I’ll see you on the dark side) and thanks for all the fish.


JuiceBoxLoveX said...

I'm so sad piknic is gone :(
but gives me an reason to use photoshop

Melisa Wells said...

I am SOOOOOO bummed out about Picnik. I can't stand Google+ either. No clue what I'll do! :(

misguided mommy said...

I have rarely used Picnik but now that it's moving to Google + PEACE OUT. I hate when shit moves. HATE. I wish Apple would come out with a super easy editing for dummies photo program for me.

Also..John Deer up there...I can't stop laughing at that.