Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Odd {#Project 365 - Day 31}

I have had a tough day in work today and there wasn’t really any photo opportunity. That means I was sifting through my vast photo archive and thought to myself that I would share this photo with you, which I took in the ladies room in Dublin Airport’s arrival hall.

2012-01-08 Backup Fotos Samsung SG II 233

Just how this is hygienic & sterile is beyond me but it sure is quick & easy because you know – stepping off a plane looking like a million dollars now just costs € 2 and fifteen minutes of your time.

I’ve never seen a “hair styler” in a ladies room in Germany but then again I’m trying to avoid public restrooms.

The reason why the picture is a bit blurry is that I had to concentrate hard not to shake too much as I was chuckling like a nutcase.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve come across or didn’t expect in the ladies room?