Monday, September 10, 2007

Day two

Into day two with the hubby gone and it is not pretty. Ok I may be a bit more touchy feely because I am feeling ill but I really do miss him as does Maunzerl.
He's only been gone for a day and already I am missing him like he's been gone for two weeks. Of course when you have the urge to speak to him VoiP calls are not working. After about 15 minutes he got through to me and it was nice to hear his voice.

I just realized how much I rely on him being there and how much I enjoy my everyday life with him.

Funnily enough Maunzerl is missing him as well. She came into the bedroom this morning, jumped onto his bed and started meowing like a mad cat. Seems like she too has realized that her beloved can opener is gone :)


Bride of Rochester said...

i can empathize-- i hate it when the husband leaves! it drives me crazy-- he's quiet, but suddenly the house becomes... empty! :(

Anonymous said...

I hope he comes back soon! Isn't it funny how animals know when someone is not at home. My dog was the same way when I moved out of my parent's house, my mom said he would wait fro my by the door since I was usually home at 6pm. Pets are so cute and smart!