Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summer Party

Saturday afternoon the hubby and I decided to attend the company summer party. The weather wasn't at all summery and we were quite lucky that it did not rain while we were there. Since they had put up all kind of things you may find at a fun fair and we don't have any kids yet, we behaved like kids ourselves, which was great fun.

When was the last time you have thrown a ball into a pyramid of cans or went for the high striker or ring the bell?

It felt quite silly but was so much fun.

It was mainly for the kids but I thought what they did was great. The only thing that put a spanner in the works was the weather and we left not long after we got there.


Patty said...

What a great memory. Isn't it funny as kids we only want to be older and as adults we wish for our childhood back. Maybe it's just me that feels this way.

Lina said...

Nah it is not just you. I feel the same way. Also when we were kids one year seemed a long time. Now a year just passes. Time just flies by like that and you wish it would slow down but it seems to kind of spiral and move faster and faster.

Kat said...

I totally agree with both of you. I sometimes wish for my childhood back. To not have a care in the world...All the problems were minor then but seemed so major now in retrospective.