Friday, September 7, 2007

We have returned from the Vet

This is one of the pictures we took last night and
you can clearly see the swelling

First of all thank you to everyone that wished Lilly well. We have just returned from the Vet about an hour ago and I wanted to give you an update on Lilly.

It seems she was bitten by a marten or somehting similar and the bite got infected leading to a pretty bad swelling and causing her terrible pain. She had no fever and rabies are not an issue where we live so the Vet gave her an antibiotic and some painkiller and that was that. Now we will check to see if she gets better and pray that it will otherwise we will be off to the Vet on Monday again. We do have reassurance however that it is nothing too serious and we are quite relieved.

While we were there we took Maunzerl in for a check up too. She did not do so well in the car. It was the first time she has been out since we got her and the excitement just got too much for her. She took her shot like a champ though and didn't even bat an eyelash. At least we have reassurance now that everything is alright and will hopefully not have to go and see that nice man again.

That does not mean we don't like our Vet but just like a dentist you are glad he's there when you need him but you don't want to see him too often though. He's brilliant at what he does and really takes his time explaining things in detail. So Dr. H if you are reading this-we salute you ;)


Misguided Mommy said...

Hi Kat nice to meet you! Glad my post made you laugh. Now all I'm thinking is that I'm married to a man, and I will have two little boys and holy hell am I screwed on the gross out charts in my future!

J said...

Nice to know that Lilly's been checked w/ the vet. Hmm, what's a marten? is that some kind of an insect?

Mags said...

I was going to ask what a marten is also...

I'm glad that Lilly is on her way to recovery!

Kat said...

I would like to thank all of you for your concern. Lilly is doing much better already and the swelling is almost gone entirely. I think a marten is a ferret like creature though I just learned that the American marten is quite different from the ones to be found in Europe .

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Lilly is better. I know how it is when you pet is sick and you don't know what it is because they can't talk! Hope you don't have to go back. She is a beautiful cat.