Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things I don't like or another Sunday evening

The weekend is almost over and the dreaded monday morning is creeping closer and closer. Fall is finally here. The chestnut tree in front of our balcony has lost almost all of its leaves.

After spending yesterday morning shopping at IKEA (gosh how I love it) we were invited for a BBQ. We were all a bit melancholy knowing that this might quite possibly be the last BBQ as well as the last evening that you can sit outside without getting frostbite.

Lilly even came to check in with us. Was it the smell of the meat on the grill or her longing for contact? We don't know but she sure looked cute before she took off again and was later found sleeping in a nearby bush. Her little cat body all curled up.

Since I really despise Sunday evenings because they mean that the weekend is almost over, I have compiled a list of things I really don't like. I didn't want to use the word "hate" which I find should only be used if you feel very strongly about something.

Maybe you feel like sharing what you don't like.

Things I really don’t like

1. People speaking on their cell phones so you can understand their entire conversation
2. Queues
3. Grocery shopping
4. The sports pages of the newspaper
5. Waking up 10 minutes before the alarm clock was supposed to go off anyway
6. Dieting
7. Bad drivers
8. people who let their bad-mannered children run wild
9. cold coffee
10. Sunday evenings
11. Dubbed movies
12. Going through Airport Security
13. Finding bras for my big bust
14. Buying stock that falls the following day
15. Rudeness
16. Having no money left over at the beginning of the month
17. Companies cold calling in general and especially at night
18. Falling asleep with damp hair. I wake up with a dead poodle on my head.
19. Drunken people.
20. Lazy postmen that drop you a note to have you pick up a package instead of ringing the doorbell to see if you’re home. They may have to walk two flights of stairs.


Lainey-Paney said... find out who is googling what & ending up on your blog, go to & sign up. It's free.


Lainey-Paney said...

I hate getting telemarketing calls too!

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

I know I sound crazy but I miss fall, and cool nights. I miss four seasons. It is too hot where I live.

I too hate telemarketers and for those of us who start their weeks on Saturday, Monday is hump day. That almost makes it sound better. ;-)~

Misguided Mommy said...

#13 infuriates me

Kat said...

@Lainey-Paney. Thanks for that. I was already signed up but never really figured out where to check it. So now I know. Thank you. Telemarketing calls are the worst. I don't even wanna answer the phone anymore.

@Colette,aka lil sis. I like me four seasons as well but I am always sad when one season ends and another one starts. I think I have issues letting go :).

@Misguided mommy. Infuriating. I was half expecting my husband to divorce me because I have been bitching about #13 so much. Men. They don't have a clue how hard it is to find one that fits and doesn't look as if it belongs to my granny.

Anonymous said...

I just solved # 13 by going to find a bra store on

Shannon, there is a store in Reno.
Kat, email them to inquire about stores in Europe.

I went in to the store in NYC, she didn't even measure me just asked me to remove my shirt and took a look at the bra I was wearing and she brought me back the EXACT RIGHT size!!! If it hadn't happened to me I would not believe it. I went with BF and a different sales girl just looked at her bra and brought her back the right size and the perfect corset for her wedding dress. They are BRA MAGICIANS!

Kat said...

Cheers Patty, I will give them a call. Had to laugh when I imagined what it must look like from the outside.

You look into a shop window and find girls flashing their boobs at the salesperson *LOL*. Amazing that they are able to tell the right size. I don't even know my size unless I measure.

J said...

those salespersons are so talented hahaha. how about for people who have flat boobs? I think I'm alone here LOL Do I even need to wear a bra ick