Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Five Firsts

1. First pet. A little zebra finch. It died on my birthday.

2. First day on the job in a call centre I lost my voice due to an infection.

3. First “love.” Eighth-grader. Ronny something or another. I had a huge crush on this guy until I found out I was not his only “girlfriend”.

4. First day of school I found out I wore the same sweater as one of the guys in class. (It was one of my male cousin’s hand me downs). The poor guy refused to wear it. He said it was girly and a girl in his class was wearing it. I in turn refused to wear it cause I thought it was a guys sweater…Go figure.

5. First time in a theatre. Was there with my school and had a laughing fit. I had to leave my seat and was only allowed back in after intermission.

Your firsts can be anything. First day of school. First rejection. First taste of octopus. First child. First meal of the day. First talent show performance. First thing I did today. First ride on a big wheel. First night in ... First Friday of the month. First big break. First pregnancy. First whatever.


Jeninacide said...

LOL!! I totally LMAO at the sweater first!! Hehe!

Jules said...

I actually wore a sweater EXACTLY LIKE the sweater the least favorite teacher in our high school wore, on the same day. I was mortified, and never wore it again.
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