Wednesday, February 20, 2008

S*it happens

Our walls are covered in strawberry jam. The kitchen floor is covered in shards of glass mixed with said jam. Curious cats and a woman who is all out of paper towels and in a hurry to get into work. That was my morning.

Why do these things always happen when you're in a hurry to get somewhere? Things always seem to happen when you have the least amount of time to deal with them.

Like the time our cats pick to poop. The little bathroom where the cats have their litter boxes is opposite the entrance to our appartment. I can be sure that they leave the biggest and most horrifying poop but only when we have somebody calling over. A neighbor brings a parcel they signed for with UPS? Big fat poop. Party guests arrive and you can rest assured that the cats have made sure to welcome them with their very own creation of "L'air du poop". Yep, you're welcome. Come in and take a deep breath. The cats made sure to make you feel welcome aaaaaaall the way. Huff. Shit day. It was crap. Literally.


Lindz said...

Why does cat poop wreak more than anything else I can think of? Seriously! I love that they'll poop in a box but the smell almost makes that a moot point.

Sarah said...

OMG! My cat always craps when we have company! In fact, we just hosted a jewelry party for my neighborhood girlfriends - and what did my furball do? Went and took the NASTIEST crap ever and stunk up the whole place! Mind you, he's got TWO litter boxes (one downstairs and one upstairs), but he always uses the downstairs one when we have people over!!!!!! I think our cats must know each other! They are probably exchanging emails right now!!!

Sarah said...

BTW, I'm adding you to my blogroll because between the toilet seat story and the fact that our cats must have been littermates (or college roomates or something LOL) - I have to start reading here daily.

Anonymous said...

Lol. That's classic. Sounds like an average morning when you're trying to actually BE somewhere.

My cats also like to poop at bad times. Like, when I'm trying to clean the litter box. I'm all "can't you just hold it for a minute!?"

Pocklock said...

I hate days like that. What are you doing throwing strawberry jam around the kitchen? Silly girl. ;-)

Melissa said...

LOL, I was totally thinking of your cat, Sarah! She's with me, Kat ;)

Is it bad that I laughed out loud at this post. I think the pain meds just kicked in!!

Sorry you had a shit day!

Mags said...

Oh yeah-I know all about things going wrong when you are late. Luckily I haven't had the strawberry jam problem though. As for the kitty poop-I think they just know. But it's got to be pre-meditated, b/c it's like, to worst poop EVER-so they stock up on all of the gasy food and eat it up the day before.

They're smart, those stinky cats.

Jules said...

I love strawberry jam! Why you gotta treat it so bad? (Just kidding, this sounds like a terrible way to start the day and I hope you recovered nicely!)
House of Jules

Kat said...

Lindz If only you knew how many times I have wondered about that ;o)

Sarah Well am I actually glad to not be the only one with messed up cats. Thanks for the add. Have added you as well. Can't wait to read more

Cassafrass Yes, exactly. Our little though always waits until I have just cleaned it to leave the nastiest dump ever :)

Pocklock I was training for the Strawberry jam juggeling event and may not be as ready as I thought I was *lol*

Melissa So you brought Sarah over to play? Sweetie that's totally okay *LOL* I think this week's just simply not "mine" so laugh at me while you still can:o)

Mags LOL yes the smartest little stinkers I have ever seen. Still ROFLing about the gassy food.

Jules I treated it bad? It's more like IT treated ME bad. How dare IT jump out of the fridge and shatter on the wall? LOL

Corey~living and loving said...

tee hee..great post.
you is a morning like that challenges parents to control their emotions and not REACT on their kids. Real life....sigh.

Thank you for your nice comment on my post today. I was so worried to ruffle comes with the territory though.

Steph said...

Sorry to hear that your day wasn't good at all. That is never a good thing. Cats can be pests some times that is for sure.

Hope that today is better for you!