Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dead Weight

I had a few hours to myself and I spent them surfing the web and blogosphere. What is disturbing is the not insignificant number of inactive blogs. Some of the blogs I came across had not had an entry posted in three years.

Now I have had my share of blogs that I started but gave up after a while. Mainly due to the lack of time or something interesting to say but apart from two blogs I have deleted these. Some people who have abandoned their blogs leave theim up. So plenty of dead sites for us to stumble upon.

I have thought about giving up my blog several times. Mainly because finding something to post about can be time consuming. There were moments when I thought keeping it updated was high maintenance but then I thought about all the blog friends I made and how much I would miss sharing all my silly thoughts with the blogosphere and I returned.

So let me know how many blogs have you started? Are you still regularly updating them? Have you ever thought about giving up a/your (main) blog and why?


k a t i e said...

MiM is my only blog (other than the pups blog, of course) and I started it when I wanted a bigger audience than just writing on my myspace wall every day.

Some days I love it, but mostly I think about giving it up. I am so restricted in what I can actually type about - none of the 'real' things or people I so badly need to vent about - because of the people who read my blog. I have to keep it light and airy and therefore not awfully real to me, and then it gets hard to find things to blog about.

But then I think of the wonderful people I've met - Melisa and yourself included - and I love reading your blogs, so I carry on.

Melissa said...

I've got two...my main blog I did actually delete after I found out some things I had written were inappropriate for my situation (yeah, try and figure that one out).

I've pulled past post up and put them back on my blog...I don't think I would delete again...just make sure I watch somethings I talk about.

Melisa said...

I have the Scrawl of course, and my Remembering Ruby blog which I haven't updated in a couple of months but do have future plans to do so. That's about it! I have never had another before the RR blog. (Oh, I also have a blog for our High School Lacrosse Team, but that's just informational so it doesn't count)

I have made some really good bloggie friends through this and imagine myself blogging indefinitely, mostly because I'm a writer anyway. It's great practice for me! Generally I don't share things that are too personal or things that I would regret later like our internet sista Melissa did long ago, but believe me I've wanted to!

Katie: You can always make a private blog, too...

Mags said...

I have 4 and participate in one community one. One of the blogs is the "novella" and it's done, so no, I don't update it, but it's a story, so...I guess that's ok. The others are my catering site and my food blog for a Boston news thing that I do.

I did start one secret blog years ago where I just talked about dating b/c the guy I was seeing reads my blog. But...I forgot the log in and password so I couldn't update it...and now I forget the name!

Kat said...

Katie Making your blog private is an option to rant freely. Tho there won't be a bigger audience. I get what you're saying.

Melissa That's what I noticed too. The longer you blog the less you want to reveal about yourself or you have to restrain yourself from saying something that may hurt others.

Melisa Totally envy you for getting the chance to meet up with all your Chicago based bloggers

Mags Wow you sure are busy with your blogs and you still manage to write great posts on your main blog. Which btw. is among the first blogs I ever read ;o)

Brian o vretanos said...

I only started my blog because I was talked into it by some existing bloggers, and I thought about it for a long time before I set it up. Consequently, I knew exactly how I wanted to do it, what I was happy to talk about, and what I wasn't, and that hasn't changed. I never expected to keep it going for longer than a year, and I worry sometimes that I might be repeating myself. But the main purpose is social, and I'd miss that if I stopped. I've never considered starting another one - there's nothing I want to blog about that I can't do on my main one.

Mrs. J said...

I only have this blog and I'm blogging (paid) somewhere for someone's web-based business. Aside from that, I have my inactive Myspace and to update my Filipino family, I have friendster and Multiply. I also tried to blog for my family only but I haven't updated it anymore coz they don't read it LOL.

I have thought many times to give up blogging but I just keep on coming back to this first blog I ever made. I think I'm being sentimental

Anonymous said...


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