Monday, June 2, 2008

The House of the Rising Fuel Costs

So here we are again. The weekend is over and I did drag my sorry a$$ to work today. Even though I'd rather have stayed home to enjoy the sunny weather we're having. It is incredibly nice out.

On my way to work in my teeny tiny sheeny shiny brand new car I heard a suggestion from a German politician. He said that he would like to introduce a four day work week. A FOUR DAY WORK WEEK. YEP YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Amen to that I was thinking but there had to be a hook. Before I could swerve off the road after my sorry attempt at a victory dance the speaker went on to say that it would also mean working longer hours during those four days. Ehem no. Nope, uh uh, nein. Sorry this is not gonna happen. The politican's reasoning? The rising costs of fuel.

Gas is expensive. I am nearly about to cry everytime I need to stop at a gas station. Next thing you know they'll be asking you for your firstborn.

The costs of filling up your car in Germany lately

1l = 0,26 gal = € 1. 52 = $ 2,35

1gal = 3,79l = € 5,40 = $ 8,35

Seeing it written out like that makes it all the more painful. Eff me but this is crazy!!!

Sooner or later this will be bitter reality.

Please excuse me if you can't hear me over my massive sobs. I better go and cry in my corner for a while :)

How was your weekend and how much does gas cost where you live?


Melissa said...

It was $4.16 when I filled up for the second time this week...over $90 in the car this week.

Thankfully, I can chose when to drive or not. I need a smart car already!

Melisa said...

I live about 25 minutes from Melissa, and it's not much different here: $4.19. I am only filling up halfway usually, and only driving when I absolutely have to, and running errands in order of location. Ugh!

Mags said...

Oh man-that's rough Kat!! Gas around me is $3.99. But it was just $3.89 the other day so I fully expect that it'll be $5.00 by the end of the month.

That's sad when I say this and it's not really a joke!!!

Corey~living and loving said...

ugh.....that is horrible. How many gallons a week do you use?

Gas here is $4.23 and I use disel and it is $4.90. ughers.

Kat said...

Melissa - I am happy to hear that you can chose if you want to drive or not. That surely helps save a lot of money.

Melisa - That is what I tend to do. If you only fill it up half way it doesn't seem so much :) Yes, I am easily fooled, thank you. LOL

Mags - You are totally right. It isn't a joke it is really, really sad. Sooner or later it will be only the rich and famous that can afford to go by car. This is mad.

Corey - To fill up my tiny car costs approximately $ 110. Luckily I really don't drive much and need roughly 2.5-3 gallons per week. It still hurts, doesn't it?

cube said...

Did I read that right? A gallon of gas is $8.35.


We pay ~$3.89/gallon give or take a few cents.