Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Recap of 2007 - The Year in Retrospective

I resolved to lose weight, plan our wedding for which we only had two weeks, quit my beloved job and move to Germany – determined to find another job. Had two job interviews. Got married in a lovely ceremony with only our closest family members attending. Said good bye to a country I loved and colleagues I knew I was going to miss terribly.

Scared mindless by my own bravery. Went on a roadtrip with the hubby -from Germany to Ireland and back in five days which included dissolving our entire household. We almost killed ourselves driving through England at night with only one headlight. Was offered a new job in the same company my hubby works for. Moved into a great apartment. Started the new job. Sent out an embarrassing email at the new job signing it with my old job signature and my maiden name. The customer was understanding though and we laughed our asses off later on.

Shopped like crazy for furniture, dishes, etc. Made ourselves a cozy home with the help of parents and friends. “Lilly the cat” was introduced into our lives. We took her in because I wanted a cat badly and it just so happened that the hubby’s college friend was looking for a new home for Lilly because he was allergic.

Settled in nicely into the new job and the community. Summer came early that year and temperatures were soaring. It felt like August and we went for a swim in the lake in late April. Nothing much of note happened that month. We were broke and exhausted.

Attended the in-laws lovely celebration of May 1 with a huge bonfire and had an awesome weekend in honor of my grandma’s 80th birthday. The weather was still awesome.

I bitched and moaned about losing weight but wasn’t ready to do anything about it just yet. We had a belated wedding party for all of our friends and it was the best party of my life.
We went to see my parents before heading off for a two week holiday in Sweden. We took my best friend and her boyfriend with us. My Swedish friend drove 10 hours with a four months old and a three year old in the car to spend three days with us. I heart them all. The in-laws made all of us feel welcome in their Swedish home.

Back from our holiday in Sweden we felt relaxed for the first time since moving back to Germany. We started looking for a second kitty to join our family. We met Sheila who would come home with us and was forever known as Maunzerl (“to meow” in Bavarian) because she is a “talker”. I took up blogging again after I deleted most of my old posts dating back to the year 2005.

Summer was in full swing and we had to buy a mobile airconditioner so we could sleep at night. We hosted yet another great party – the hubby’s 30th birthday bash. We enjoyed soccer games in Munich’s soccer stadium which looks like a life raft. We met up with lots of people that we knew from our years in Ireland and had really fun nights out. The weather got worse...which meant bearable for us.

The weather got better again and the big Oktoberfest madness started. My parents came to visit us and my Mom wanted to see the world-famous Oktoberfest in full swing. Too bad she picked the opening weekend. It was hot. It was crowded and three hours into the madness the first victims of too much alcohol were being carried away on stretchers. I finally joined Weight Watchers and my awesome boss extended my temporary contract for my job for another year. That made my week. My 31st birthday came around quietly and went just as quiet.

I wrote my 100th post and it snowed. I got a new haircut and an eyelash perm. We flew to Ireland to visit our friends and we got a bit homesick but also realized that we had moved on.

We returned from Ireland but I had missed the first couple of days of NabloPoMo. I met some great blog friends and found some truly great blogs through NaBloPoMo. The German Lottery jackpot rose to a record 43 million Euro. Sadly/luckily we did not win it.

My friend Elaine came to visit us from Ireland and stayed with us for a few days. We had a lovely time.

With Christmas just around the corner we got into some kind of shopping frenzy. The hubby declared his love in a very creative way and a little later that month he got a promotion. We naturally celebrated but it will involve him being away for four to five days a week. Christmas came and went and we visited both our families. New Year's Eve was a blast and I really, really hope that 2008 will be just as good as 2007.


Melisa said...

Loved your Year in Review! You definitely had a full year!

So you two work at the same company? Does that mean you drive to and from work together and everything? Wow, that's love. :)

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Remembering Ruby

Kat said...

Thanks Melisa. You're a sweety.

Yep it is insane isn't it. I never thought I could do it but there you go. Living proof that you gotta take in your stride what life dishes out *lol*.

There's 2000 people working for the company and we work in different buildings but yeah, we wake up together, drive into work together and go home together and pretty soon we have to get used to doing things seperately again..Like we used to before :)

Melissa said...

I used to work at the same company Joe did, after awhile it's just normal. And it sure is easier to listen to the hubs work stories when you know who he's talking about ;)

I have never heard of an eyelash perm. Thanks for the education.

Sounds like you had a pretty busy year.

Paper Propaganda said...

wow you should be proud of all the things you did during the year! a very good idea too! =)

Mags said...

Sounds like a great year Kat. I'm still baffled by the whole eyelash perm thing though! LOL

k a t i e said...

That was a great post - I actually feel I know you a whole lot better now. So many things I didn't know, and that sound amazing. I hope 2008 brings you all you wish for. And maybe another eyelash perm!

Danielle A. said...

Awesome post about an awesome year. Here's a wish that 2008 brings just as much - or more - happiness for you and your hubby. :)

Not So Perfect said...

Great idea great post. It sounds like you had a whirl wind of a year. Moving, marriage, promotions, eyelash perms..oh my. It looks like you had a wonderful year, I wish you the same for 2008.

angie said...

I love your year recap! What a great idea...I was trying to think and I don't remember anything I did in the month I did haha! Sounds like it sure was a busy year for you for sure! Lots of changes! Hope 2008 is just as wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very Creative!! Love the year in review! YAY for Kat!